Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Sallyanna Nov 2011

Just a few thing's I want to blog about. Just so when I look back on my daughters childhood I will remember it all....

Sallyanna is one of a kind. She does not like dogs no matter what how big or small they are. She will scream frantically! She used to love dog's. But earlier this year our neighbors dog jumped on her lap (she didnt even see the dog coming) and it scratched her leg. So ever since then is when it started. She like's my Mom's Cat's "Mike & Shoo-Shoo" she pets them and tries to force feed them. LOL

See she just loves my Mom's two cats. But the other night our cat "Jumper" decided to come say hi to us.... and Sallyanna flipped out! Our cat has been hanging around at a neighbors house instead of ours. They must have been feeding her better. But Sallyanna used to love her as well. But not anymore...!! lol She flipped out on our cat just like she does the dogs. I never know with her... ahhh one day at a time I suppose.

 Here is proof that she used to be fine with dogs. Our Roxie dog would knock her over ALL the time..but she was good with her. But now Sallyanna can't even be around my Grandma's yorkies without screaming. Poor dogs have to be locked up every time we come over..  Anyways enough pet talk!

I just realized the other night when I put Sallyanna to sleep,that she still sucks on her 2 middle fingers to self soothe herself to sleep. So sweet!
And when we read books, Sallyanna must point out whoever's in the picture as "Dats me!" and "Dats Sissy!" etc... makes me laugh how she see's herself as a "Duck" or a "blond lil girl" and her sister the "boy" lol  :)

She just told me tonight she was "Minnie Mouse" and Sissy is "Daisy" and I am "Goofy" Hey!!! Why am I goofy??? Lil stinker! And how when Dada burps in the hall way and she's in the bedroom she manages to hear him and say "cuse you dada!"

 The last 2 times she fell down,she would say "owwww! boo boo here" and point to every body part. My lil drama queen!

And how she may not talk well she is ALWAYS HEARD... lol Grandpaw Beal calls her "Screamer" and claims she acts just like her Daddy did when he was small! That explains ALOT! lol
After we took her to a speech therapist because she is not using sentances much...just usually one word here and there. They said wait till she's 3 sometimes kids are slow to talk by then..  then all of a sudden she surprises me at Walmart by picking up a cute lil outfit in her size,holds it up to her and says "Momma dis cute!" <3 It's funny how just a few little words can melt someone's heart. Just precious!

In as little as 3mos my baby girl will be 3yrs old! Can't believe how time flies by!!

Here is one of the many face's of my ALMOST 3yr old! This face is a "C'mon Mom!I'm done with taking these Christmas pictures!" lol


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