Sunday, August 28, 2011


I never thought having girls would consist of very sensative,screaming drama queens!!! lol I'm not in any way complaining about my two daughters. They make me laugh with their antics! lol Just I never knew what I was in for with having girls. I wanted a girl both time's I was pregnant. And to tell you the truth,as much as I'd love to have a boy one day. I'd much rather perfer another girl <3

Here are some reason's without a shadow of a doubt you KNOW you have girls:

The don't like to be dirty... or their Justin Beiber shirt to be dirty.

 They do not what so ever like any kind of bugs, not even lady bugs. Or made up bugs for that matter... regularly we hear screams of Aubree telling us there is a "flying spider" we try to explain their is no such thing. Oh, and telling them mosquito's suck your blood is a VERY BAD IDEA.

  They are highly emotional and may cry at any moment.

     They love their Daddy. And he can do no wrong. :)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Sallyanna Irene

                                                                 My Sallyanna.

February 24,2009 God blessed me with another healthy beautiful baby girl. From the moment I held all 9lbs 2oz of her I knew I loved her just as much as my first daughter. She looked just like her big sister,I couldn't believe the resemblance! I was in awwe of the blessing's God poured down on me with baby girl #2!!! :)

Sallyanna is named after her Meme (Sally Anna Johnson) and her Great Meme on my husbands side name was Irene. Both beautiful ladies inside and out, which Sallyanna will grow to be! <3

She is now 2 and half and is petite and full of spit and vinegar! Complete opposite of her sister. She does not like people... lol sounds bad,but its true. Ever since she was a wee baby if you looked at her the wrong way she would cry & scream! Yeah she's our ear shattering screamer! She's still that way. Everyone say's it's terrible 2's but I believe it's just how Sallyanna is.... I pray she learns to use her words better rather then screaming.

She want's to do everything her sister does,which aggravates Aubree. Which has made for a long summer for me. I keep trying to be patient in hopes she will grow outta this stage. She is also the most stubborn child I've ever known. lol From when I would try to feed her baby food, she wanted to do it herself which meant no food ended up in her mouth. Till now she's the same way... want's to do it all by herself. I'm glad she is so independent but sometimes it really get's on my last nerve!!

Sometimes I joke and call her Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hide.... because she can be just "Oh so sweet!" one moment and then turn on you when you least expect it! lol Only usually with her close family like Mommy,Daddy & Aubree.Sallyanna never was a cuddly kind of baby... always liked her own space. Lately though I find her hugging me and kissing me ALL over my face! And I take it ALL in!!! <3 Because, I never know how long it will be till she shares her lovin again..........   she's growing up so fast!!

Sallyanna loves: Blue's Clues, Justin Beiber (she calls him Baby) Choo Choo Trains, Her Daddy, baby dolls, swinging outside on her swing. Being out of the house. And singing.

She dislikes: The Dr, Dogs,Not getting her way (thats any kid!) getting dirty.

Even though I sometimes want to pull out my hair because of all the crazyness she put's me though...I love her with all my heart! I wouldn't change anything about her. God made her who she is and I love her with every fiber of my being.

Sallyanna love's this song By Jeremy Camp called Give me Jesus. When they sing Jesus... she raises her hands in praise!! I LOVE IT! I pray she does big and mighty things for her Savior Jesus. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Daddy is 35!!!

My husband is 35 today, Wow only 5 more years he will be 40! That's just scary!! Let's try not to think about that right now.... So anyways the girls and I went shopping for him yesterday at Wally World.. where else?..  We bought practical stuff he needed,like clothes. I also picked up The Fox & The Hound (and #2 came with it) Score!! I was so excited to come home and watch it. But Aubree decided it was Daddy's birthday present also. So I will have to wait till tonight. I'm just wondering what will go through my hubby's head when he open's a disney movie???!! Hahaha Oh, that won't be the only odd thing either... since I let them help me put everything in the 2 gift bags... I found Sallyanna's bag for Daddy overflowing with goodies... I believe she tried fitting her whole toy box into it!!! lol A Pooh book,some candy wrappers from Olive Garden and hair bows! Daddy sure is one special guy to get ALL this!! (I don't recall getting any!) hahaha 

Then Aubree announced to me she wanted to do a parade for Daddy. She is going to ride her skate board, Sallyanna will walk on her bare feet and play the maracas, and I'm going to lead the parade with a stick from a tree!! And Daddy gets to sit and watch us! Oh,how I love her...!!! lol I will let you know later how "our parade" pans out! I think I should use my stick to spank my husband 35 times...why not right? bahahaha 

We are just cooking on the grill tonight, maybe watching "Fox and the Hound"  watching a "parade" I'm making a marbel chocolate cake... then present time! And most of you will be happy to know I bought my hubby new Pj's.. so no worries about him in my leopard print jammies AGAIN! (well I hope not!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mommy's sounds of Home

Just some of the usual sounds of my Home:

When I hear pitter patter of little feet running past me.
When I hear giggles and squeal's of laughter all around me.
When I hear "I love you's" and bye-bye's to poo poo!

When I hear the smoke alarm going off..
When I hear squabbling of sibling rivalry!
When I hear "Uh-Oh's" and "No,No's!"

When I hear noisy toys and cartoons.
When I hear splashing in the tub...
I finally know the day's almost done.
When I hear prayers and AMENS...
This Mommy's day has come to an end.

By: Rose Beal

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

cucumbers & tumbling hair

So tonight, while getting the cucumber outta the fridge hoping it wasnt frozen again! And for once a cucumber not frozen....... so as I peeled it over the trash I ended up dropping it in!! My husband was like we just put the trash bag in though... as he reaches in to get it I reminded him of the poopy pull-up I just changed. I thought he would have stopped in his tracks after those 3 little words, but he got it out and replied it was on the other side. And proceeded to rinse it off in the sink.Yeah I bet you will never enjoy a cucumber again. (either will I!) lol

Then as I sit down for dinner on my white tile I think I see a daddy long leg making his way through the kitchen... but no as I look closer its just hair (prob mine) tumbling through like in the old wild west movie's... lol And If you only knew what other random thing's went through my head... and this was only in one hour! I am not even going to mention my husband wearing my leopard print jammies.... again... !!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Missing Key Largo

As most of you know, I was raised in Key Largo,Fl. It was awesome we lived only a block from the water. I don't remember watching television or playing video games. Our days spent growing up in the keys,usually included the sun & water! When I was just a toddler my parents and I lived on a 2 story house boat! Who can say that now a days? But most of my childhood from the time I was 5 till I was 12 we lived on Bonefish Ave. Only in Key largo do the road names consist of fish of course! lol I have fun memories of riding the wave runner with my Dad. Although there was one instance that he went to jump a wave (which is usually fun!) but instead of going over it we went right through it!!! It was a massive wave! I thought I was drowing! lol We didn't fall off, just drank alot of salt water! I think after that I made my Dad promise on not jumping waves. All are birthday parties (well most) were held at Largo Sound Park which was 3 blocks away. Any chance of free time we had we were at the beach soaking up the sun,chilling in the salt water,jumping off the dock & hitting the seaweed!! lol What's funny is I was never afraid of the water or of sharks. But I did have a fear of sting rays and barracudas... Maybe because we always saw them. I remember one time when I went with my best friend Lisa and put out lobster traps... coming face to face to like a 6 foot barracuda! Never been so scared in my life! In key largo we lived in our bathing suits,short shorts and flip flops.... most of the time we went every where barefoot! And it is acceptable there. Everything just seemed so easy then. How I miss just walking down my street to hit the beach. My Grandma still has a house down there,so we can take the 3 and half hour drive when we want. Another thing I really miss is roller bladding down the bike path to Kmart or John Penny Kamp Park. Now it seems like tourist have taken over, and the days of fun and relaxation are over. Never used sunscreen, we were just used to the sun and heat. I always tanned so well I got mistaken as being spanish many times. lol  I also remember the boat parades at christmas time. People would decorate their boats with lights and I would ride down on my Uncle Tom & Aunt Frans boat to the Italian Fisherman (no longer there...)  and sit and enjoy the boat parade. And also all the memories with my cousins swimming at the Fisherman and going in the kitchen to make our own pizza... my Uncle Jeff worked there. It was some of the best times ever! Now I am very much a white girl... lol havent been to the beach in 2yrs lol!! And Im so low on vitamin D its not even funny. This girl needs SUN! This is fixing to change soon since my sis and I plan on making regular visits (hopefully) to the beach. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy Dr Day with 4 kids!!

Yeah the title should just say it all with the kind of busy morning I had... So no I did not have 4 kids. I have my 2 girls and my nephew. And then there's my husband,which I figured he acts like a child so I should just add him to the kid count!

First off just trying to get to the hospital at 8:30 am was hectic. Just before we were to leave Weston (my nephew) decided to give me a poopy blow out of a diaper!! That was fun. (yeah a lil sarcasm) So off we went finally made it. Parked far from enterence,so a lil old lady picked us up in the golf cart- always fun and so much easier then carrying kids. Well Sallyanna didn't like it. Big surprise. She screamed the whole way! Felt bad for the lady starting off her day with us. lol But then Aubree was in the back saying "Weeeee!" at least someone enjoyed the ride. So Aubree had tests done for acid reflux at hospital. Been complaining that food feels stuck when she eats or wants to throw up when she eats. (never does tho thankfully) Both girls got a little teddy bear the ladies make for kids. They thought they were so special. Here's a pic of them with the bears.

Sallyanna's was all purple. And Aubree's teddy has apples and ABC's and 123's. Super cute!

Anyways she did really good with her tests. She was nervous of what she had to drink. But as soon as the lady asked if she liked chocolate milk. Her and I both knew it would be easy! lol Dr. said everything went down fine. So the question is why does she feel like that when she eats? I pray we figure it out soon,with school coming up and all. Here's a couple of pics of Aubree during her tests. Only she can make a hospital gown look cute! hehehe

                                                         With her bear she named "Hailey"


Look she has a ruffle butt. lol 

         After the test's were done we came out and saw the other 2 kids, all relaxed in the waiting room.

                                                  Must be nice. lol 

So we got that all outta the way. Sallyanna said "Weeeee!" on the golf cart on the way back. lol You just never know with that child. I love her to pieces though! Went to my Doctor's apt. to see how my blood work was etc. Left hubby with all 3 kids... I heard some noise. Mostly my nephew trying to talk "AHHHH!" yeah that kind of talking. No crying or anything. Kid's just being well.... kid's. One of the ladies comes in my room where Im waiting on the Dr and rudely says "Your husband is on the phone and your kids are running a muck!! You need to go out there and do something." I calmly said "I'll call him."  So here I am at the Dr's trying to not make my blood pressure go up after that lady said that. So I called him and told him. Then my Dr came in and said "geez kids are being loud today. A patient complained." I just nodded. Because trust me she wouldnt have liked what I would have said. I really just believe it was the Dr and staff because my husband said no one was there. Either way, they were not being bad. I know what bad is trust me. That was the first time that has ever happened to us ANYWHERE! Needless to say now I am looking for a new Doctor perferbly one who has a kid friendly waiting room and staff.... If you know of any let me know. After that it was Micky D's time... Say YEAH for HAPPY MEALS! hahaha