Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy Dr Day with 4 kids!!

Yeah the title should just say it all with the kind of busy morning I had... So no I did not have 4 kids. I have my 2 girls and my nephew. And then there's my husband,which I figured he acts like a child so I should just add him to the kid count!

First off just trying to get to the hospital at 8:30 am was hectic. Just before we were to leave Weston (my nephew) decided to give me a poopy blow out of a diaper!! That was fun. (yeah a lil sarcasm) So off we went finally made it. Parked far from enterence,so a lil old lady picked us up in the golf cart- always fun and so much easier then carrying kids. Well Sallyanna didn't like it. Big surprise. She screamed the whole way! Felt bad for the lady starting off her day with us. lol But then Aubree was in the back saying "Weeeee!" at least someone enjoyed the ride. So Aubree had tests done for acid reflux at hospital. Been complaining that food feels stuck when she eats or wants to throw up when she eats. (never does tho thankfully) Both girls got a little teddy bear the ladies make for kids. They thought they were so special. Here's a pic of them with the bears.

Sallyanna's was all purple. And Aubree's teddy has apples and ABC's and 123's. Super cute!

Anyways she did really good with her tests. She was nervous of what she had to drink. But as soon as the lady asked if she liked chocolate milk. Her and I both knew it would be easy! lol Dr. said everything went down fine. So the question is why does she feel like that when she eats? I pray we figure it out soon,with school coming up and all. Here's a couple of pics of Aubree during her tests. Only she can make a hospital gown look cute! hehehe

                                                         With her bear she named "Hailey"


Look she has a ruffle butt. lol 

         After the test's were done we came out and saw the other 2 kids, all relaxed in the waiting room.

                                                  Must be nice. lol 

So we got that all outta the way. Sallyanna said "Weeeee!" on the golf cart on the way back. lol You just never know with that child. I love her to pieces though! Went to my Doctor's apt. to see how my blood work was etc. Left hubby with all 3 kids... I heard some noise. Mostly my nephew trying to talk "AHHHH!" yeah that kind of talking. No crying or anything. Kid's just being well.... kid's. One of the ladies comes in my room where Im waiting on the Dr and rudely says "Your husband is on the phone and your kids are running a muck!! You need to go out there and do something." I calmly said "I'll call him."  So here I am at the Dr's trying to not make my blood pressure go up after that lady said that. So I called him and told him. Then my Dr came in and said "geez kids are being loud today. A patient complained." I just nodded. Because trust me she wouldnt have liked what I would have said. I really just believe it was the Dr and staff because my husband said no one was there. Either way, they were not being bad. I know what bad is trust me. That was the first time that has ever happened to us ANYWHERE! Needless to say now I am looking for a new Doctor perferbly one who has a kid friendly waiting room and staff.... If you know of any let me know. After that it was Micky D's time... Say YEAH for HAPPY MEALS! hahaha


Shel said...

oh my... all you trouble makers! LOL wheres my happy meal? im so glad aubree did good at her appointment! [:

Rosie said...

lol shushhhh. I was not with the kids when they got in trouble. Thats Daddy's fault. But,seriously they wernt being loud I was on the other side of the wall. They were laughing and stuff just being kids.And your happy meal is still at mcdonalds! lol

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