Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Daddy is 35!!!

My husband is 35 today, Wow only 5 more years he will be 40! That's just scary!! Let's try not to think about that right now.... So anyways the girls and I went shopping for him yesterday at Wally World.. where else?..  We bought practical stuff he needed,like clothes. I also picked up The Fox & The Hound (and #2 came with it) Score!! I was so excited to come home and watch it. But Aubree decided it was Daddy's birthday present also. So I will have to wait till tonight. I'm just wondering what will go through my hubby's head when he open's a disney movie???!! Hahaha Oh, that won't be the only odd thing either... since I let them help me put everything in the 2 gift bags... I found Sallyanna's bag for Daddy overflowing with goodies... I believe she tried fitting her whole toy box into it!!! lol A Pooh book,some candy wrappers from Olive Garden and hair bows! Daddy sure is one special guy to get ALL this!! (I don't recall getting any!) hahaha 

Then Aubree announced to me she wanted to do a parade for Daddy. She is going to ride her skate board, Sallyanna will walk on her bare feet and play the maracas, and I'm going to lead the parade with a stick from a tree!! And Daddy gets to sit and watch us! Oh,how I love her...!!! lol I will let you know later how "our parade" pans out! I think I should use my stick to spank my husband 35 times...why not right? bahahaha 

We are just cooking on the grill tonight, maybe watching "Fox and the Hound"  watching a "parade" I'm making a marbel chocolate cake... then present time! And most of you will be happy to know I bought my hubby new Pj's.. so no worries about him in my leopard print jammies AGAIN! (well I hope not!)


Shel said...

ohhh i wanna watch the parade!!! as long as BD isnt in your PJs rofl

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