Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Sallyanna Irene

                                                                 My Sallyanna.

February 24,2009 God blessed me with another healthy beautiful baby girl. From the moment I held all 9lbs 2oz of her I knew I loved her just as much as my first daughter. She looked just like her big sister,I couldn't believe the resemblance! I was in awwe of the blessing's God poured down on me with baby girl #2!!! :)

Sallyanna is named after her Meme (Sally Anna Johnson) and her Great Meme on my husbands side name was Irene. Both beautiful ladies inside and out, which Sallyanna will grow to be! <3

She is now 2 and half and is petite and full of spit and vinegar! Complete opposite of her sister. She does not like people... lol sounds bad,but its true. Ever since she was a wee baby if you looked at her the wrong way she would cry & scream! Yeah she's our ear shattering screamer! She's still that way. Everyone say's it's terrible 2's but I believe it's just how Sallyanna is.... I pray she learns to use her words better rather then screaming.

She want's to do everything her sister does,which aggravates Aubree. Which has made for a long summer for me. I keep trying to be patient in hopes she will grow outta this stage. She is also the most stubborn child I've ever known. lol From when I would try to feed her baby food, she wanted to do it herself which meant no food ended up in her mouth. Till now she's the same way... want's to do it all by herself. I'm glad she is so independent but sometimes it really get's on my last nerve!!

Sometimes I joke and call her Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hide.... because she can be just "Oh so sweet!" one moment and then turn on you when you least expect it! lol Only usually with her close family like Mommy,Daddy & Aubree.Sallyanna never was a cuddly kind of baby... always liked her own space. Lately though I find her hugging me and kissing me ALL over my face! And I take it ALL in!!! <3 Because, I never know how long it will be till she shares her lovin again..........   she's growing up so fast!!

Sallyanna loves: Blue's Clues, Justin Beiber (she calls him Baby) Choo Choo Trains, Her Daddy, baby dolls, swinging outside on her swing. Being out of the house. And singing.

She dislikes: The Dr, Dogs,Not getting her way (thats any kid!) getting dirty.

Even though I sometimes want to pull out my hair because of all the crazyness she put's me though...I love her with all my heart! I wouldn't change anything about her. God made her who she is and I love her with every fiber of my being.

Sallyanna love's this song By Jeremy Camp called Give me Jesus. When they sing Jesus... she raises her hands in praise!! I LOVE IT! I pray she does big and mighty things for her Savior Jesus. :)


Shel said...

awwwh i love this little girl!!! and all of her hugs and kisses! just not so much the screaming... c[: this blog post made me smile [:

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