Sunday, August 7, 2011

Missing Key Largo

As most of you know, I was raised in Key Largo,Fl. It was awesome we lived only a block from the water. I don't remember watching television or playing video games. Our days spent growing up in the keys,usually included the sun & water! When I was just a toddler my parents and I lived on a 2 story house boat! Who can say that now a days? But most of my childhood from the time I was 5 till I was 12 we lived on Bonefish Ave. Only in Key largo do the road names consist of fish of course! lol I have fun memories of riding the wave runner with my Dad. Although there was one instance that he went to jump a wave (which is usually fun!) but instead of going over it we went right through it!!! It was a massive wave! I thought I was drowing! lol We didn't fall off, just drank alot of salt water! I think after that I made my Dad promise on not jumping waves. All are birthday parties (well most) were held at Largo Sound Park which was 3 blocks away. Any chance of free time we had we were at the beach soaking up the sun,chilling in the salt water,jumping off the dock & hitting the seaweed!! lol What's funny is I was never afraid of the water or of sharks. But I did have a fear of sting rays and barracudas... Maybe because we always saw them. I remember one time when I went with my best friend Lisa and put out lobster traps... coming face to face to like a 6 foot barracuda! Never been so scared in my life! In key largo we lived in our bathing suits,short shorts and flip flops.... most of the time we went every where barefoot! And it is acceptable there. Everything just seemed so easy then. How I miss just walking down my street to hit the beach. My Grandma still has a house down there,so we can take the 3 and half hour drive when we want. Another thing I really miss is roller bladding down the bike path to Kmart or John Penny Kamp Park. Now it seems like tourist have taken over, and the days of fun and relaxation are over. Never used sunscreen, we were just used to the sun and heat. I always tanned so well I got mistaken as being spanish many times. lol  I also remember the boat parades at christmas time. People would decorate their boats with lights and I would ride down on my Uncle Tom & Aunt Frans boat to the Italian Fisherman (no longer there...)  and sit and enjoy the boat parade. And also all the memories with my cousins swimming at the Fisherman and going in the kitchen to make our own pizza... my Uncle Jeff worked there. It was some of the best times ever! Now I am very much a white girl... lol havent been to the beach in 2yrs lol!! And Im so low on vitamin D its not even funny. This girl needs SUN! This is fixing to change soon since my sis and I plan on making regular visits (hopefully) to the beach. :)


Shel said...

awwwh i miss key largo too! if it wasnt so full of tourist i would want to live there again.

Sallyz said...

sweet trip down memory lane....

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