Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Sallyanna Nov 2011

Just a few thing's I want to blog about. Just so when I look back on my daughters childhood I will remember it all....

Sallyanna is one of a kind. She does not like dogs no matter what how big or small they are. She will scream frantically! She used to love dog's. But earlier this year our neighbors dog jumped on her lap (she didnt even see the dog coming) and it scratched her leg. So ever since then is when it started. She like's my Mom's Cat's "Mike & Shoo-Shoo" she pets them and tries to force feed them. LOL

See she just loves my Mom's two cats. But the other night our cat "Jumper" decided to come say hi to us.... and Sallyanna flipped out! Our cat has been hanging around at a neighbors house instead of ours. They must have been feeding her better. But Sallyanna used to love her as well. But not anymore...!! lol She flipped out on our cat just like she does the dogs. I never know with her... ahhh one day at a time I suppose.

 Here is proof that she used to be fine with dogs. Our Roxie dog would knock her over ALL the time..but she was good with her. But now Sallyanna can't even be around my Grandma's yorkies without screaming. Poor dogs have to be locked up every time we come over..  Anyways enough pet talk!

I just realized the other night when I put Sallyanna to sleep,that she still sucks on her 2 middle fingers to self soothe herself to sleep. So sweet!
And when we read books, Sallyanna must point out whoever's in the picture as "Dats me!" and "Dats Sissy!" etc... makes me laugh how she see's herself as a "Duck" or a "blond lil girl" and her sister the "boy" lol  :)

She just told me tonight she was "Minnie Mouse" and Sissy is "Daisy" and I am "Goofy" Hey!!! Why am I goofy??? Lil stinker! And how when Dada burps in the hall way and she's in the bedroom she manages to hear him and say "cuse you dada!"

 The last 2 times she fell down,she would say "owwww! boo boo here" and point to every body part. My lil drama queen!

And how she may not talk well she is ALWAYS HEARD... lol Grandpaw Beal calls her "Screamer" and claims she acts just like her Daddy did when he was small! That explains ALOT! lol
After we took her to a speech therapist because she is not using sentances much...just usually one word here and there. They said wait till she's 3 sometimes kids are slow to talk by then..  then all of a sudden she surprises me at Walmart by picking up a cute lil outfit in her size,holds it up to her and says "Momma dis cute!" <3 It's funny how just a few little words can melt someone's heart. Just precious!

In as little as 3mos my baby girl will be 3yrs old! Can't believe how time flies by!!

Here is one of the many face's of my ALMOST 3yr old! This face is a "C'mon Mom!I'm done with taking these Christmas pictures!" lol

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moving out?

The other night we were all just having a fun night... and the topic of moving out came up. Not sure why. Anyway's I told Aubree she could move out when she's 18 after she graduate's highschool. Then my husband say's "no she can move out after she turns 6!" (well she is 5 now) All of a sudden she starts jumping for joy like she can't wait to get out of this miserable place. Where her parent's meet every one of her needs!

I was shocked she was so happy to leave us. Just a year or go-or wait maybe even 6mos ago. She would tell me she's never getting married and she wants to live with us forever. <3  And I would always say If thats what you want to do... that's ok with me.   :)

Now she wants to move???????????????

After her jumping she finally see's me with my pittiful face asking "you want to leave me?" She hugs me very sweetly and say's "Mommy I will come and visit you ALL the time."   Then I start to ask the big questions. Where will you live? Aubree: I don't know. Well you have to have somewhere to live. You can't just live outside. You have to get a job etc etc... I tell her. She finally say's... I will work at walmart! And you can come to register 1 any time and I will ring up all your groceries for $1.00.  lol Oh if my 5 year old only knew.

I'm starting to wonder now what's worse. My daughter wanting to move out at 6yrs old. Or wanting to work at walmart and give her parents a MAJOR discount. lol  Well after all that Daddy finally said he was kidding and she can't move out till she's 21! Yay! Something we can agree on! (For now)  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love you as big as a.....

Aubree and I always go back and forth with the "I love you as big as a bush" and I reply " I love you as big as a tree" or "I love you as big as the moon!" and now she mostly just says "I love you as big as God" and how can you compete with that now?? :) 

So last night I tried it with Sallyanna... she's still learning how to talk. Well let's just say...she can talk just not too clearly. She screams mostly. lol 

So anyways after lots of giggles of her and I being silly before bed. I say "I love you as big as a tree!" and Sallyanna replies "No Baby, Baby Oh!!"  which in her 2 yr old lingo means... Justin Beiber. Yeah his name is not Justin to her. His name is "Baby,Baby Oh" after his popular song "Baby" lol I love that girl! So she does not love me as big as a tree! She loves me as big as Baby,Baby Oh! Which is a pretty big deal. So I'd say she loves me pretty BIG!! Wouldn't you?? lol 

Here's his video for those of you who don't know this song!


So a few night's this week my 5yr old has woken me up in the middle of the night because she said she had a "bad dream" So to me a bad dream would be a loved one dying, someone trying to kill you/hurt you etc.... you know the worst of the worst!!

So the other morning Aubree told me she had a bad dream. And I asked her what it was about.... she replied "a whale!" Nothing about it eating her or anything like that. LOL Just a whale. Apparently it was scary... so then later on that day I noticed the movie "Free Willy" was on. So of course I had to DVR it so Aubree could see Whales are not so scary! I grew up watching all the Willy movie's... love them all! :)  So of course as I suspected my daughters including the one who had the bad dream about a whale... loved it as well! SCORE!

So again the other night I get awoken by screams coming out of the girls bedroom from Aubree again... she comes racing into my room sobbing this time... "Mommy I had a bad dream" I calmly say "Well it's ok. You are awake now. What was your dream about?" Aubree replies "a butterfly"  Me: "a butterfly? you like butterflies...they don't hurt you." Aubree: "But it was going to touch me and I didn't want it too!"  lol  She cracks me up! I am relieved that her so called "bad dreams" are only of whales & butterflies! What a girl! So as I tuck her back into bed and we say the same lil prayer we say every night to comfort her... "Father God please let us all have sweet & holy dreams only from you Lord. -Amen" ... I think to myself.. me & my girls so need to get outta the house more! lol

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daddy needs a shotgun!

The past couple of months Aubree has been telling me about all these boys at school. She usually plays better with boys then girls for some reason. Anyways, she told me how one boy came up to her at recess and said "Oh, your cute!" I asked her what she said. She said "I said nothing to him." lol. 
Then another day she tells me she's been playing with Jose alot in her class and at recess. And told me he has brown skin. And asked if she married him what would happen? I said "nothing would happen...your skin would still be the same color and so would his. But if you have babies they may be his color or yours." lol I would have never thought in a million years I'd be having this conversation with my 5yr old. Oh Geeez!..... she told me some other thing's about this "Jose" but I can not tell. I pinky promised I wouldn't even tell Daddy.... lol   (shhhh. Daddy does know tho.)

So again after school a couple weeks ago, Aubree tells me about a boy who went to preK with her ran up to her (again at recess) and said "Aubree I'm In love with you!!"  I was like are you sure he said that? She said "Mommy you can ask God,He will tell you he said that!" lol I was like " Oh ok,and what did you say?" Aubree replied " I said nothing. And ran away!" lol Such a smart girl!! This is why Daddy already needs a gun!! She's in kindergarten and has boys confessing their love for her already...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thankful to be a stay at home Mommy

Aubree Lee-Marie,
Your Mommy's everything.
I love you so much, I love you so much.
I love you more then anything!

I used to sing this to my sweet & cuddly baby girl Aubree. And I did the same with Sallyanna...... not as much because she was not much of a cuddler after she turned 4mos old.

Sallyanna Irene,
Your Mommy's everything.
I love you so much, I love you so much.
I love you more then anything!

I am realizing today, just how much they are growing up before my very eyes. And how the Lord has blessed be to be able to stay home with them and take in every moment I have with them. I am so thankful Lord for this great oppurtunity to be a stay at home Mommy to both my girls. I can't imagine how the Mother's who have to go to work do it. My heart just breaks knowing my girls are not babies anymore. But,at least I got to spend those days with them. And I will continue to do so if the Lord allows me too. Thank you Jesus for the blessing of being at home with both my daughters & all the wonderful memories we've made and are going to make! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I never thought having girls would consist of very sensative,screaming drama queens!!! lol I'm not in any way complaining about my two daughters. They make me laugh with their antics! lol Just I never knew what I was in for with having girls. I wanted a girl both time's I was pregnant. And to tell you the truth,as much as I'd love to have a boy one day. I'd much rather perfer another girl <3

Here are some reason's without a shadow of a doubt you KNOW you have girls:

The don't like to be dirty... or their Justin Beiber shirt to be dirty.

 They do not what so ever like any kind of bugs, not even lady bugs. Or made up bugs for that matter... regularly we hear screams of Aubree telling us there is a "flying spider" we try to explain their is no such thing. Oh, and telling them mosquito's suck your blood is a VERY BAD IDEA.

  They are highly emotional and may cry at any moment.

     They love their Daddy. And he can do no wrong. :)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Sallyanna Irene

                                                                 My Sallyanna.

February 24,2009 God blessed me with another healthy beautiful baby girl. From the moment I held all 9lbs 2oz of her I knew I loved her just as much as my first daughter. She looked just like her big sister,I couldn't believe the resemblance! I was in awwe of the blessing's God poured down on me with baby girl #2!!! :)

Sallyanna is named after her Meme (Sally Anna Johnson) and her Great Meme on my husbands side name was Irene. Both beautiful ladies inside and out, which Sallyanna will grow to be! <3

She is now 2 and half and is petite and full of spit and vinegar! Complete opposite of her sister. She does not like people... lol sounds bad,but its true. Ever since she was a wee baby if you looked at her the wrong way she would cry & scream! Yeah she's our ear shattering screamer! She's still that way. Everyone say's it's terrible 2's but I believe it's just how Sallyanna is.... I pray she learns to use her words better rather then screaming.

She want's to do everything her sister does,which aggravates Aubree. Which has made for a long summer for me. I keep trying to be patient in hopes she will grow outta this stage. She is also the most stubborn child I've ever known. lol From when I would try to feed her baby food, she wanted to do it herself which meant no food ended up in her mouth. Till now she's the same way... want's to do it all by herself. I'm glad she is so independent but sometimes it really get's on my last nerve!!

Sometimes I joke and call her Dr.Jekyl and Mr.Hide.... because she can be just "Oh so sweet!" one moment and then turn on you when you least expect it! lol Only usually with her close family like Mommy,Daddy & Aubree.Sallyanna never was a cuddly kind of baby... always liked her own space. Lately though I find her hugging me and kissing me ALL over my face! And I take it ALL in!!! <3 Because, I never know how long it will be till she shares her lovin again..........   she's growing up so fast!!

Sallyanna loves: Blue's Clues, Justin Beiber (she calls him Baby) Choo Choo Trains, Her Daddy, baby dolls, swinging outside on her swing. Being out of the house. And singing.

She dislikes: The Dr, Dogs,Not getting her way (thats any kid!) getting dirty.

Even though I sometimes want to pull out my hair because of all the crazyness she put's me though...I love her with all my heart! I wouldn't change anything about her. God made her who she is and I love her with every fiber of my being.

Sallyanna love's this song By Jeremy Camp called Give me Jesus. When they sing Jesus... she raises her hands in praise!! I LOVE IT! I pray she does big and mighty things for her Savior Jesus. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Daddy is 35!!!

My husband is 35 today, Wow only 5 more years he will be 40! That's just scary!! Let's try not to think about that right now.... So anyways the girls and I went shopping for him yesterday at Wally World.. where else?..  We bought practical stuff he needed,like clothes. I also picked up The Fox & The Hound (and #2 came with it) Score!! I was so excited to come home and watch it. But Aubree decided it was Daddy's birthday present also. So I will have to wait till tonight. I'm just wondering what will go through my hubby's head when he open's a disney movie???!! Hahaha Oh, that won't be the only odd thing either... since I let them help me put everything in the 2 gift bags... I found Sallyanna's bag for Daddy overflowing with goodies... I believe she tried fitting her whole toy box into it!!! lol A Pooh book,some candy wrappers from Olive Garden and hair bows! Daddy sure is one special guy to get ALL this!! (I don't recall getting any!) hahaha 

Then Aubree announced to me she wanted to do a parade for Daddy. She is going to ride her skate board, Sallyanna will walk on her bare feet and play the maracas, and I'm going to lead the parade with a stick from a tree!! And Daddy gets to sit and watch us! Oh,how I love her...!!! lol I will let you know later how "our parade" pans out! I think I should use my stick to spank my husband 35 times...why not right? bahahaha 

We are just cooking on the grill tonight, maybe watching "Fox and the Hound"  watching a "parade" I'm making a marbel chocolate cake... then present time! And most of you will be happy to know I bought my hubby new Pj's.. so no worries about him in my leopard print jammies AGAIN! (well I hope not!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mommy's sounds of Home

Just some of the usual sounds of my Home:

When I hear pitter patter of little feet running past me.
When I hear giggles and squeal's of laughter all around me.
When I hear "I love you's" and bye-bye's to poo poo!

When I hear the smoke alarm going off..
When I hear squabbling of sibling rivalry!
When I hear "Uh-Oh's" and "No,No's!"

When I hear noisy toys and cartoons.
When I hear splashing in the tub...
I finally know the day's almost done.
When I hear prayers and AMENS...
This Mommy's day has come to an end.

By: Rose Beal

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

cucumbers & tumbling hair

So tonight, while getting the cucumber outta the fridge hoping it wasnt frozen again! And for once a cucumber not frozen....... so as I peeled it over the trash I ended up dropping it in!! My husband was like we just put the trash bag in though... as he reaches in to get it I reminded him of the poopy pull-up I just changed. I thought he would have stopped in his tracks after those 3 little words, but he got it out and replied it was on the other side. And proceeded to rinse it off in the sink.Yeah I bet you will never enjoy a cucumber again. (either will I!) lol

Then as I sit down for dinner on my white tile I think I see a daddy long leg making his way through the kitchen... but no as I look closer its just hair (prob mine) tumbling through like in the old wild west movie's... lol And If you only knew what other random thing's went through my head... and this was only in one hour! I am not even going to mention my husband wearing my leopard print jammies.... again... !!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Missing Key Largo

As most of you know, I was raised in Key Largo,Fl. It was awesome we lived only a block from the water. I don't remember watching television or playing video games. Our days spent growing up in the keys,usually included the sun & water! When I was just a toddler my parents and I lived on a 2 story house boat! Who can say that now a days? But most of my childhood from the time I was 5 till I was 12 we lived on Bonefish Ave. Only in Key largo do the road names consist of fish of course! lol I have fun memories of riding the wave runner with my Dad. Although there was one instance that he went to jump a wave (which is usually fun!) but instead of going over it we went right through it!!! It was a massive wave! I thought I was drowing! lol We didn't fall off, just drank alot of salt water! I think after that I made my Dad promise on not jumping waves. All are birthday parties (well most) were held at Largo Sound Park which was 3 blocks away. Any chance of free time we had we were at the beach soaking up the sun,chilling in the salt water,jumping off the dock & hitting the seaweed!! lol What's funny is I was never afraid of the water or of sharks. But I did have a fear of sting rays and barracudas... Maybe because we always saw them. I remember one time when I went with my best friend Lisa and put out lobster traps... coming face to face to like a 6 foot barracuda! Never been so scared in my life! In key largo we lived in our bathing suits,short shorts and flip flops.... most of the time we went every where barefoot! And it is acceptable there. Everything just seemed so easy then. How I miss just walking down my street to hit the beach. My Grandma still has a house down there,so we can take the 3 and half hour drive when we want. Another thing I really miss is roller bladding down the bike path to Kmart or John Penny Kamp Park. Now it seems like tourist have taken over, and the days of fun and relaxation are over. Never used sunscreen, we were just used to the sun and heat. I always tanned so well I got mistaken as being spanish many times. lol  I also remember the boat parades at christmas time. People would decorate their boats with lights and I would ride down on my Uncle Tom & Aunt Frans boat to the Italian Fisherman (no longer there...)  and sit and enjoy the boat parade. And also all the memories with my cousins swimming at the Fisherman and going in the kitchen to make our own pizza... my Uncle Jeff worked there. It was some of the best times ever! Now I am very much a white girl... lol havent been to the beach in 2yrs lol!! And Im so low on vitamin D its not even funny. This girl needs SUN! This is fixing to change soon since my sis and I plan on making regular visits (hopefully) to the beach. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy Dr Day with 4 kids!!

Yeah the title should just say it all with the kind of busy morning I had... So no I did not have 4 kids. I have my 2 girls and my nephew. And then there's my husband,which I figured he acts like a child so I should just add him to the kid count!

First off just trying to get to the hospital at 8:30 am was hectic. Just before we were to leave Weston (my nephew) decided to give me a poopy blow out of a diaper!! That was fun. (yeah a lil sarcasm) So off we went finally made it. Parked far from enterence,so a lil old lady picked us up in the golf cart- always fun and so much easier then carrying kids. Well Sallyanna didn't like it. Big surprise. She screamed the whole way! Felt bad for the lady starting off her day with us. lol But then Aubree was in the back saying "Weeeee!" at least someone enjoyed the ride. So Aubree had tests done for acid reflux at hospital. Been complaining that food feels stuck when she eats or wants to throw up when she eats. (never does tho thankfully) Both girls got a little teddy bear the ladies make for kids. They thought they were so special. Here's a pic of them with the bears.

Sallyanna's was all purple. And Aubree's teddy has apples and ABC's and 123's. Super cute!

Anyways she did really good with her tests. She was nervous of what she had to drink. But as soon as the lady asked if she liked chocolate milk. Her and I both knew it would be easy! lol Dr. said everything went down fine. So the question is why does she feel like that when she eats? I pray we figure it out soon,with school coming up and all. Here's a couple of pics of Aubree during her tests. Only she can make a hospital gown look cute! hehehe

                                                         With her bear she named "Hailey"


Look she has a ruffle butt. lol 

         After the test's were done we came out and saw the other 2 kids, all relaxed in the waiting room.

                                                  Must be nice. lol 

So we got that all outta the way. Sallyanna said "Weeeee!" on the golf cart on the way back. lol You just never know with that child. I love her to pieces though! Went to my Doctor's apt. to see how my blood work was etc. Left hubby with all 3 kids... I heard some noise. Mostly my nephew trying to talk "AHHHH!" yeah that kind of talking. No crying or anything. Kid's just being well.... kid's. One of the ladies comes in my room where Im waiting on the Dr and rudely says "Your husband is on the phone and your kids are running a muck!! You need to go out there and do something." I calmly said "I'll call him."  So here I am at the Dr's trying to not make my blood pressure go up after that lady said that. So I called him and told him. Then my Dr came in and said "geez kids are being loud today. A patient complained." I just nodded. Because trust me she wouldnt have liked what I would have said. I really just believe it was the Dr and staff because my husband said no one was there. Either way, they were not being bad. I know what bad is trust me. That was the first time that has ever happened to us ANYWHERE! Needless to say now I am looking for a new Doctor perferbly one who has a kid friendly waiting room and staff.... If you know of any let me know. After that it was Micky D's time... Say YEAH for HAPPY MEALS! hahaha

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Moments this Week

Just some random thing's I've noticed this week. 
Sallyanna can throw a tantrum in 3 different way's. 
Tantrum 1: Whatever she has in her hand she will throw it. (Sometimes right at you!)
Tantrum 2: While picking her up against her own will,she will claw your face! 
Tantrum 3: The usual 2yr old tantrum- throwing herself on the ground. (Aubree & I laugh hysterically in private of course when she does this one.) lol 
For the record ALL 3 tantrums she gets from her Father. (Of course!) 

On to better thing's. I've been having some pretty crappy day's lately. And both my girls even though they are only 2 & 5 years old. Have stepped up a lot with helping me. I watch my nephew during the week. And they help by getting his thing's out,feeding him,playing with him etc. And Sallyanna loves doing laundry with me.Such good girls God has blessed me with. Sallyanna is still going potty only in her small potty. And Aubree has been great with helping me dump out the pee and rinse it out. Although, today she told me "Dumping the pee out is not fun! And it smells disgusting!" lol  Which I reminded her  that I know it's not fun but someone has to do it. I asked "Do you think Mommy likes cleaning the house everyday?" She said "No,thats boring." Well there's your answer. But I would like to conclude the helpful part in my girls.... Totally comes from me their Mother. lol Of course, who else?!?! :)

The other night while reading Winnie the Pooh... Aubree pointed at each picture telling me who each one is... (Like I didn't know already hehe.) Anyways she gets to Eeyore which she  pronounced "He-Whore"  Ahhhh!! I laughed so hard! But, taught her how to properly say his name. Of course I don't need my kid walking around telling people all about "He-whore!" What kind of parent would they think I was?

Well I have a cute story to tell you about Sallyanna but not sure if you all will follow along to what I'm typing about. lol Hard to explain through a blog. Maybe I need to record it then put it on here?......... yeah I will try that later maybe saturday when my sister is over she can help me. She's pretty talented like that. Her birthday is sunday and she will be 20........shhh! Don't tell her I told you that. She does not like celebrating her birthday ever since she started having bad luck around that time. HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY SHELBY CHRISTINE!!! I LOVE YOU!!

Ok,hmmm what else.... Oh, Aubree told me for her 6th birthday to tell Aunt Shel to buy her an IPod. lol Prob because I told her I was not going to buy her one and since Shelby let's her play on her's maybe she would get her one. lol Her birthday is a whole 10mos away too! Nothing like planning ahead. hahahaha! I just read an article in my Parents magazine. That said in this day in age we have children who can work an IPod but still have yet to learn to tie their shoe laces! SO TRUE! Well,true with my kid anyways. What's even funnier is I know how to tie my laces but have no clue how to work an IPod! lol Oh well guess thats what happens when we get old. 

Sallyanna's been stealing all of her sisters clothes and wearing them!! I never thought this would be an issue at such a young age. Now being teenagers thats the time you steal clothes from one another.... but not the toddler stage. I believe Sallyanna is smarter then we all think. Wisdom beyond her years. Kinda scares me... 

Aubree told me the other day at the dinner table we needed to go to church everyday! I asked why? She said because dont you want to learn more about Jesus? I said Yes! She then replied well we need to go every day so we can learn so much to tell everyone about Him! I love that I have a little missionary in training <3 


Saturday, July 23, 2011

the havoic my sister brings...

So my darling dear sister Shelby showed up at my house this morning... like a little lost puppy. So I had to let her in even though I was half naked! She came over because she decided she wanted to make "cake pops" today. But then after a long discussion and debate on when to make them we decided on next saturday... or sunday. (Look I already forgot what we decided) lol Anyways, so she got her nieces all wound up,playing and teasing them and a whole lot of screaming went on! I don't think my head liked that so much. Aubree showed Aunt Shel her new school clothes, while doing so Sallyanna stole Aubree's new Justin Beiber shirt.... put in on and every thing. She's a real fanatic, and she's only 2... Oh God help me in the coming teen years!! Well back on to the havoic (can't spell that word) lol That my sister started. Then she was playing with the computer room door knob and somehow managed to break it off! lol Her face was priceless.. hahaha...  We went and did other random thing's. (Never fixed the door knob) Shelby went on to tease Aubree which led to Aubree accidently knocking Sallyanna in the face with her leapster2.. which led to giving the kid a popsicle to calm her down. lol So I go to do some laundry and Shelby shuts the computer room door on me... and it locks for some reason. Remind you no door knob to let me back in!! I could walk around the house to the front door to get in but, need I remind you Im half naked. Meaning only a shirt and undies! lol Enough to cover all my basic "stuff" but not to let my neighbors see. Oh geez, and to mention I'm blogging about this... haha.   

 Aubree announced she was going to get the neighbor!! I was like "No!! I'm naked!!!!!"  lol... so while I'm a little perturbed I'm locked in here.... naked! Shelby and I are laughing so hard at the whole situation we have to pee!! But, I have no bathroom. Luckily for me even though my sister is slightly crazy and annoying... she is also very talented and managed to finally get the door open so I could go pee... without neighbors seeing me kinda naked......... lol

Saturday, July 16, 2011

glad this day is over.

    still so very itchy. ughhh.
    spilled red fruit juice......
while cleaning it, i knock off
a brand new glass bottle of
     worshisher sauce.
yeah what a mess! you
have no idea. sighhh.
gooey yogurt down my leg.
5yr old with scratched forehead
from her lil sister..... and then just
when i thought the day was finally
over. Aubree (again) busts her lip
2 popsicles later still swollen & bloody.
both girls in bed now. im still itchy.
and all i want is sleep and a better
day sunday. Please Lord.....

a triple F kind of day.

Bet you thought the title of this blog would have the infamous "F-word" in it somewhere. But,no... you wont find that. It was actually a really good day. That we nicknamed-
                                          Friday Family Fun Day!!...  
 So I decided since I wasn't watching my nephew today. The girl's and  I would have a "Fun" day. Do some thing's we hadn't done in awhile. Nothing extravagant. Just Fun! So we sent Daddy off to work.. and started our first bit of fun.

                    Making "Muddy Buddy Chex mix" for our breakfast! 

                              yeah I know all that sugar for breakfast... but you have to break
                                                   the rules sometimes. 

                           Finished product! My girlies had just as much fun making
                                     it as they did eating it!! so yummy.

           So we ate our chex mix while watching some morning cartoons.

    Then we decided to play with play-dough. Girl's thought they were in heaven! I hardly ever let them play with play-dough. If your a parent you know why............... 

Aubree said "Mommy come look at our art work hanging on the wall!!" silly girls... . I guess them holding it in the air is it "on the wall" hehe. Well after much needed play-dough time, Sallyanna got a bit cranky so she went down for a nap.

 While sissy napped. Aubree and I played with Rapunzel and her tower. And then decided on painting our nail's. Her choice was red & glitter polish on every other one. 
                                      [Rapunzel supervised the process] 

                                         I went with all red!

    After sleeping beauty awoke, we did her nails and toe's. Such sweet baby feet. 
                                                   [She was a mess with polish]

Daddy came home just after 2 o'clock this afternoon. So then we decided maybe it was time to get outta our jammies. Sallyanna my strong-willed child who want's to do the opposite of everyone else. Had already gotten dressed bright and early. [She gets this from her Father]

Since we all were dressed we decided we would head to walmart and get some snacks for our movie night. We got Twizzlers, Pretzel m&m's & Popcorn! When we left the store it was raining. Which is perfect for a movie night.  :)  Came home and Daddy made his famous chili  for dinner. Took our bath's....... and then it was movie time!!  We watched.........  
                                                             Sweet,sweet movie! 

                                                         [Girls with their snacks] 



                            We all enjoyed it. Although Sallyanna went to bed early because she thought it 

                                  was play time.... so to bed she went with a big smile on her face!

After the movie, Aubree stayed up late playing with her toys. I later found her passed out on the couch with a bag of pretzel m&m's [which I did not give her] What a little sneak!!!! 

                            I went to tell my hubby that she fell asleep with m&m's and I took
                                 a pic. He laughed! Went to go get her in bed.... and she scared
                                            the living crap outta me!!! What a faker!! 
                                                 [She too gets this from her Father.] 
                                                                 BRAT!  lol 

That was our Friday Family Fun Day that I decided to Document. Hey why not. Some day my girls can look at what fun we had.... just in case they don't remember. I hope they do tho!!




Sunday, July 10, 2011

If my Mother In-law came with a Warning label...

  • Active Ingredient:  Bitch.... 100%

  • Uses: completely useless.
  • WARNING: contains high dose of crazy,and negativity.
    stop use and ask Doctor if the crazy affects you,so you can seek therapy as soon as possible. 
  • Keep out of reach of Children: We don't want them brainwashed.
  • Directions: Do not speak to her. Whatever you say will be used against you whether good or bad. She will find a way. There is no pleasing your mother in-law she will hate you just because you married her only son. No point in even trying.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Aubree is her name

My daughter Aubree just turned 5 this June. I just loved the name Aubree,and I knew it would be my first daughters name before I was even pregnant. And it suits her well. After I had her I didn't have time to cry over the joy of being a Mommy. I was too tired and worried about what to do here and there... after all she was my first baby I didn't know what to do.But,my first night home with her during the late night feeding's it all came out... an over flow of tear's and emotion. I thought & prayed..Thanking the Lord for such a sweet,healthy, beautiful baby girl He blessed me with. I remember thinking to myself. "What did I ever do that was so great for Him (God) to bless me with such a beautiful gift?".........  

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change."
James 1:17

Favorite saying from my Aubree: 
"Mommy,I love you as big as God... because He is bigger then a giant!!" :)
I love how she will randomly tell me how much she loves me through out the day. Make's me feel like I am doing something right with my life.

She is:

Silly, bossy, loving, helpful, creative, outgoing, shy, active.

Her favorite thing's are: Dinosaurs, Cars, Zoobles, playing online games, soccer, hula hooping and swinging on her swing.

I could keep going on and on about her. But all you need to know is I love her with every fiber of my being. She has my heart and always will no matter how old she get's.

The song "Aubrey" by Bread.... I didn't know about this song till after I had her. LOVE IT! 

 Most importantly she is a child of God. She loves Jesus and has accepted Him into her heart. And she loves learning all that she can about Him. She told me just last night. That if you love Jesus your heart is red. But if you dont you have a brown heart. Words of Wisdom from my 5yr old.  :)


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dolphin swim's in the wrong water......

So I am on the phone talking to my step-mom,trying to have a normal adult conversation. Because all day long usually I am talking to a 5yr,2yr and 7mo old. Heaven forbid Mommy get a break! And I am only talking to her because Sallyanna (2yrs) called her on my cell phone. Anyways while having my chat I hear screaming from Aubree (5yrs) So I run to see what the problem is and Sallyanna is just hanging the dolphin magnet back on the fridge to hold up her sisters picture. Aubree then screams louder!! "Mommy the dolphin has pee on it!!" (remind you Im on the phone) Further examination yes the dolphin was wet..... with pee. Sallyanna went potty in her little potty chair and decided the dolphin magnet needed to go for a swim!!! So now I can see why Aubree is in a tizzy because her art work now has fresh pee on it!! lol Ya suppose she would understand If I told her,her sister was just trying to add her own personal touch to it.. eh?  lol Yeah I don't think so either. So yeah "dolphin magnet" just journeyed the wrong kind of ocean!!!

Yes I realize this is my second blog about potty training... so hopefully something new next time. But,for now this is my life.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Nobody tells you about potty training....

Just some of my personal experiences with both of my daughters during the dreaded time of potty training... I am sure their are some boy momma's out there that have some interesting stories too! So please feel free to add your comments!!  


1. Nobody ever tells you that when you start potty training there are usually three fazes. Faze One: Going in the small child potty. Faze Two: Going on the grown up potty. And Faze Three: Going out in public restrooms.....

2. Nobody ever tells you when you first start this process there is no point in pull ups! Until you are in faze three..

3. Nobody ever tells you, your child must pee on herself a few time's to get the point of potty training..

4. Therefore you are on watch 24/7 exp if you have new furniture or carpet.

5. Nobody ever tells you how much bodily fluid will come out of your child! Like what on earth do they eat!!

6. You will actually start to with hold certain food or drinks so you dont have an extra messy poo to clean up off the floor!

7. Nobody tells you sometimes to get your child to go on the potty in time- you will keep potty in the living room!
(After saying this Im sure I will have less company over my house!) lol ooops!

8. Nobody ever tells you during faze one of potty training you will end up washing every pair of panties your child owns.

9. Nobody ever tells you by the end of faze one you will  indeed transform into a cheerleader!! (Every time child uses potty! YAY! Good Job! Sallyanna!- followed by an applause!! And maybe some jumping!LOL)

10. Getting your child to poop on the potty is so much harder then getting them to pee! (Aubree actually called her poop "bugs" and would freak out every time! And Sallyanna screams in fear also and says "ewww!"  and they both will hold it in so they wont have to use potty.) sighs.... The worst part of potty training to me anyways...

11. Nobody tells you,you will have to "try" to explain to your 2yr old why she cant have Diego panties... your a girl and they make Diego underwear only for boys.. (we go through this every morning with Sallyanna) lol

12. Nobody ever tells you that your 2yr old will try to convince you to put on a diaper every time she needs to poo! (Why I am now hiding the diapers)

13. Once you begin faze two your child is usually very fearful of the big potty and thinks they are going to be flushed away!

14. Faze three going in public-  no matter how many times you ask your toddler if they need to use the restroom they will say no... and then pee while in the check out line.

15. Faze three again... the automatic flushing toilets are the worst! They are loud and to this day my 5yr old is still afraid of them. Nobody ever told me I'd be that Mother either posting a post it to the sensor so it wont go off or standing behind the toilet with my hand covering the sensor just so my daughter can go in peace. LOL

16. Nobody ever tells you stickers and m&ms or in my case with Aubree (olive garden mints) will be your best friend used as rewarding your child to go potty!

17. Nobody ever told me I would be home on a saturday night actually blogging about potty training.....