Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So a few night's this week my 5yr old has woken me up in the middle of the night because she said she had a "bad dream" So to me a bad dream would be a loved one dying, someone trying to kill you/hurt you etc.... you know the worst of the worst!!

So the other morning Aubree told me she had a bad dream. And I asked her what it was about.... she replied "a whale!" Nothing about it eating her or anything like that. LOL Just a whale. Apparently it was scary... so then later on that day I noticed the movie "Free Willy" was on. So of course I had to DVR it so Aubree could see Whales are not so scary! I grew up watching all the Willy movie's... love them all! :)  So of course as I suspected my daughters including the one who had the bad dream about a whale... loved it as well! SCORE!

So again the other night I get awoken by screams coming out of the girls bedroom from Aubree again... she comes racing into my room sobbing this time... "Mommy I had a bad dream" I calmly say "Well it's ok. You are awake now. What was your dream about?" Aubree replies "a butterfly"  Me: "a butterfly? you like butterflies...they don't hurt you." Aubree: "But it was going to touch me and I didn't want it too!"  lol  She cracks me up! I am relieved that her so called "bad dreams" are only of whales & butterflies! What a girl! So as I tuck her back into bed and we say the same lil prayer we say every night to comfort her... "Father God please let us all have sweet & holy dreams only from you Lord. -Amen" ... I think to myself.. me & my girls so need to get outta the house more! lol


Trish said...

Awww! That girl is something else!

Rosie said...

Lol she sure is

Rosie said...

Lol she sure is

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