Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daddy needs a shotgun!

The past couple of months Aubree has been telling me about all these boys at school. She usually plays better with boys then girls for some reason. Anyways, she told me how one boy came up to her at recess and said "Oh, your cute!" I asked her what she said. She said "I said nothing to him." lol. 
Then another day she tells me she's been playing with Jose alot in her class and at recess. And told me he has brown skin. And asked if she married him what would happen? I said "nothing would happen...your skin would still be the same color and so would his. But if you have babies they may be his color or yours." lol I would have never thought in a million years I'd be having this conversation with my 5yr old. Oh Geeez!..... she told me some other thing's about this "Jose" but I can not tell. I pinky promised I wouldn't even tell Daddy.... lol   (shhhh. Daddy does know tho.)

So again after school a couple weeks ago, Aubree tells me about a boy who went to preK with her ran up to her (again at recess) and said "Aubree I'm In love with you!!"  I was like are you sure he said that? She said "Mommy you can ask God,He will tell you he said that!" lol I was like " Oh ok,and what did you say?" Aubree replied " I said nothing. And ran away!" lol Such a smart girl!! This is why Daddy already needs a gun!! She's in kindergarten and has boys confessing their love for her already...


Shel said...

hahahaha is cause shes so stinkin' cute!

Trish said...

I'm suddenly even more grateful for my boys! Aubree is a cutie though so I don't expect this will get any easier!

She never ceases to amaze me with her questions!

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