Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love you as big as a.....

Aubree and I always go back and forth with the "I love you as big as a bush" and I reply " I love you as big as a tree" or "I love you as big as the moon!" and now she mostly just says "I love you as big as God" and how can you compete with that now?? :) 

So last night I tried it with Sallyanna... she's still learning how to talk. Well let's just say...she can talk just not too clearly. She screams mostly. lol 

So anyways after lots of giggles of her and I being silly before bed. I say "I love you as big as a tree!" and Sallyanna replies "No Baby, Baby Oh!!"  which in her 2 yr old lingo means... Justin Beiber. Yeah his name is not Justin to her. His name is "Baby,Baby Oh" after his popular song "Baby" lol I love that girl! So she does not love me as big as a tree! She loves me as big as Baby,Baby Oh! Which is a pretty big deal. So I'd say she loves me pretty BIG!! Wouldn't you?? lol 

Here's his video for those of you who don't know this song!


Trish said...

That is stinkin hysterical! You should be keeping a journal. When Bryce and Tyler were little I kept a journal of all the funny things they said. it was fun to go back and look years later!

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