Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moving out?

The other night we were all just having a fun night... and the topic of moving out came up. Not sure why. Anyway's I told Aubree she could move out when she's 18 after she graduate's highschool. Then my husband say's "no she can move out after she turns 6!" (well she is 5 now) All of a sudden she starts jumping for joy like she can't wait to get out of this miserable place. Where her parent's meet every one of her needs!

I was shocked she was so happy to leave us. Just a year or go-or wait maybe even 6mos ago. She would tell me she's never getting married and she wants to live with us forever. <3  And I would always say If thats what you want to do... that's ok with me.   :)

Now she wants to move???????????????

After her jumping she finally see's me with my pittiful face asking "you want to leave me?" She hugs me very sweetly and say's "Mommy I will come and visit you ALL the time."   Then I start to ask the big questions. Where will you live? Aubree: I don't know. Well you have to have somewhere to live. You can't just live outside. You have to get a job etc etc... I tell her. She finally say's... I will work at walmart! And you can come to register 1 any time and I will ring up all your groceries for $1.00.  lol Oh if my 5 year old only knew.

I'm starting to wonder now what's worse. My daughter wanting to move out at 6yrs old. Or wanting to work at walmart and give her parents a MAJOR discount. lol  Well after all that Daddy finally said he was kidding and she can't move out till she's 21! Yay! Something we can agree on! (For now)  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love you as big as a.....

Aubree and I always go back and forth with the "I love you as big as a bush" and I reply " I love you as big as a tree" or "I love you as big as the moon!" and now she mostly just says "I love you as big as God" and how can you compete with that now?? :) 

So last night I tried it with Sallyanna... she's still learning how to talk. Well let's just say...she can talk just not too clearly. She screams mostly. lol 

So anyways after lots of giggles of her and I being silly before bed. I say "I love you as big as a tree!" and Sallyanna replies "No Baby, Baby Oh!!"  which in her 2 yr old lingo means... Justin Beiber. Yeah his name is not Justin to her. His name is "Baby,Baby Oh" after his popular song "Baby" lol I love that girl! So she does not love me as big as a tree! She loves me as big as Baby,Baby Oh! Which is a pretty big deal. So I'd say she loves me pretty BIG!! Wouldn't you?? lol 

Here's his video for those of you who don't know this song!


So a few night's this week my 5yr old has woken me up in the middle of the night because she said she had a "bad dream" So to me a bad dream would be a loved one dying, someone trying to kill you/hurt you etc.... you know the worst of the worst!!

So the other morning Aubree told me she had a bad dream. And I asked her what it was about.... she replied "a whale!" Nothing about it eating her or anything like that. LOL Just a whale. Apparently it was scary... so then later on that day I noticed the movie "Free Willy" was on. So of course I had to DVR it so Aubree could see Whales are not so scary! I grew up watching all the Willy movie's... love them all! :)  So of course as I suspected my daughters including the one who had the bad dream about a whale... loved it as well! SCORE!

So again the other night I get awoken by screams coming out of the girls bedroom from Aubree again... she comes racing into my room sobbing this time... "Mommy I had a bad dream" I calmly say "Well it's ok. You are awake now. What was your dream about?" Aubree replies "a butterfly"  Me: "a butterfly? you like butterflies...they don't hurt you." Aubree: "But it was going to touch me and I didn't want it too!"  lol  She cracks me up! I am relieved that her so called "bad dreams" are only of whales & butterflies! What a girl! So as I tuck her back into bed and we say the same lil prayer we say every night to comfort her... "Father God please let us all have sweet & holy dreams only from you Lord. -Amen" ... I think to myself.. me & my girls so need to get outta the house more! lol

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Daddy needs a shotgun!

The past couple of months Aubree has been telling me about all these boys at school. She usually plays better with boys then girls for some reason. Anyways, she told me how one boy came up to her at recess and said "Oh, your cute!" I asked her what she said. She said "I said nothing to him." lol. 
Then another day she tells me she's been playing with Jose alot in her class and at recess. And told me he has brown skin. And asked if she married him what would happen? I said "nothing would happen...your skin would still be the same color and so would his. But if you have babies they may be his color or yours." lol I would have never thought in a million years I'd be having this conversation with my 5yr old. Oh Geeez!..... she told me some other thing's about this "Jose" but I can not tell. I pinky promised I wouldn't even tell Daddy.... lol   (shhhh. Daddy does know tho.)

So again after school a couple weeks ago, Aubree tells me about a boy who went to preK with her ran up to her (again at recess) and said "Aubree I'm In love with you!!"  I was like are you sure he said that? She said "Mommy you can ask God,He will tell you he said that!" lol I was like " Oh ok,and what did you say?" Aubree replied " I said nothing. And ran away!" lol Such a smart girl!! This is why Daddy already needs a gun!! She's in kindergarten and has boys confessing their love for her already...