Saturday, July 16, 2011

a triple F kind of day.

Bet you thought the title of this blog would have the infamous "F-word" in it somewhere. But,no... you wont find that. It was actually a really good day. That we nicknamed-
                                          Friday Family Fun Day!!...  
 So I decided since I wasn't watching my nephew today. The girl's and  I would have a "Fun" day. Do some thing's we hadn't done in awhile. Nothing extravagant. Just Fun! So we sent Daddy off to work.. and started our first bit of fun.

                    Making "Muddy Buddy Chex mix" for our breakfast! 

                              yeah I know all that sugar for breakfast... but you have to break
                                                   the rules sometimes. 

                           Finished product! My girlies had just as much fun making
                                     it as they did eating it!! so yummy.

           So we ate our chex mix while watching some morning cartoons.

    Then we decided to play with play-dough. Girl's thought they were in heaven! I hardly ever let them play with play-dough. If your a parent you know why............... 

Aubree said "Mommy come look at our art work hanging on the wall!!" silly girls... . I guess them holding it in the air is it "on the wall" hehe. Well after much needed play-dough time, Sallyanna got a bit cranky so she went down for a nap.

 While sissy napped. Aubree and I played with Rapunzel and her tower. And then decided on painting our nail's. Her choice was red & glitter polish on every other one. 
                                      [Rapunzel supervised the process] 

                                         I went with all red!

    After sleeping beauty awoke, we did her nails and toe's. Such sweet baby feet. 
                                                   [She was a mess with polish]

Daddy came home just after 2 o'clock this afternoon. So then we decided maybe it was time to get outta our jammies. Sallyanna my strong-willed child who want's to do the opposite of everyone else. Had already gotten dressed bright and early. [She gets this from her Father]

Since we all were dressed we decided we would head to walmart and get some snacks for our movie night. We got Twizzlers, Pretzel m&m's & Popcorn! When we left the store it was raining. Which is perfect for a movie night.  :)  Came home and Daddy made his famous chili  for dinner. Took our bath's....... and then it was movie time!!  We watched.........  
                                                             Sweet,sweet movie! 

                                                         [Girls with their snacks] 



                            We all enjoyed it. Although Sallyanna went to bed early because she thought it 

                                  was play time.... so to bed she went with a big smile on her face!

After the movie, Aubree stayed up late playing with her toys. I later found her passed out on the couch with a bag of pretzel m&m's [which I did not give her] What a little sneak!!!! 

                            I went to tell my hubby that she fell asleep with m&m's and I took
                                 a pic. He laughed! Went to go get her in bed.... and she scared
                                            the living crap outta me!!! What a faker!! 
                                                 [She too gets this from her Father.] 
                                                                 BRAT!  lol 

That was our Friday Family Fun Day that I decided to Document. Hey why not. Some day my girls can look at what fun we had.... just in case they don't remember. I hope they do tho!!





Sallyz said...

so cute

Shel said...

awwwh, im so jealous!! hehe looks like you guys had a lot of fun [:
i love the part of aubree fake sleeping! haha too funny!!

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