Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Moments this Week

Just some random thing's I've noticed this week. 
Sallyanna can throw a tantrum in 3 different way's. 
Tantrum 1: Whatever she has in her hand she will throw it. (Sometimes right at you!)
Tantrum 2: While picking her up against her own will,she will claw your face! 
Tantrum 3: The usual 2yr old tantrum- throwing herself on the ground. (Aubree & I laugh hysterically in private of course when she does this one.) lol 
For the record ALL 3 tantrums she gets from her Father. (Of course!) 

On to better thing's. I've been having some pretty crappy day's lately. And both my girls even though they are only 2 & 5 years old. Have stepped up a lot with helping me. I watch my nephew during the week. And they help by getting his thing's out,feeding him,playing with him etc. And Sallyanna loves doing laundry with me.Such good girls God has blessed me with. Sallyanna is still going potty only in her small potty. And Aubree has been great with helping me dump out the pee and rinse it out. Although, today she told me "Dumping the pee out is not fun! And it smells disgusting!" lol  Which I reminded her  that I know it's not fun but someone has to do it. I asked "Do you think Mommy likes cleaning the house everyday?" She said "No,thats boring." Well there's your answer. But I would like to conclude the helpful part in my girls.... Totally comes from me their Mother. lol Of course, who else?!?! :)

The other night while reading Winnie the Pooh... Aubree pointed at each picture telling me who each one is... (Like I didn't know already hehe.) Anyways she gets to Eeyore which she  pronounced "He-Whore"  Ahhhh!! I laughed so hard! But, taught her how to properly say his name. Of course I don't need my kid walking around telling people all about "He-whore!" What kind of parent would they think I was?

Well I have a cute story to tell you about Sallyanna but not sure if you all will follow along to what I'm typing about. lol Hard to explain through a blog. Maybe I need to record it then put it on here?......... yeah I will try that later maybe saturday when my sister is over she can help me. She's pretty talented like that. Her birthday is sunday and she will be 20........shhh! Don't tell her I told you that. She does not like celebrating her birthday ever since she started having bad luck around that time. HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY SHELBY CHRISTINE!!! I LOVE YOU!!

Ok,hmmm what else.... Oh, Aubree told me for her 6th birthday to tell Aunt Shel to buy her an IPod. lol Prob because I told her I was not going to buy her one and since Shelby let's her play on her's maybe she would get her one. lol Her birthday is a whole 10mos away too! Nothing like planning ahead. hahahaha! I just read an article in my Parents magazine. That said in this day in age we have children who can work an IPod but still have yet to learn to tie their shoe laces! SO TRUE! Well,true with my kid anyways. What's even funnier is I know how to tie my laces but have no clue how to work an IPod! lol Oh well guess thats what happens when we get old. 

Sallyanna's been stealing all of her sisters clothes and wearing them!! I never thought this would be an issue at such a young age. Now being teenagers thats the time you steal clothes from one another.... but not the toddler stage. I believe Sallyanna is smarter then we all think. Wisdom beyond her years. Kinda scares me... 

Aubree told me the other day at the dinner table we needed to go to church everyday! I asked why? She said because dont you want to learn more about Jesus? I said Yes! She then replied well we need to go every day so we can learn so much to tell everyone about Him! I love that I have a little missionary in training <3 



Shel said...

awwwh i loved this blog! so cute! (not the birthday part though .____. so not funny) anyways... lol i love your kids! id take them off your hands, only temporary though... dont need sallyanna clawing off my adorable face! LOL

Shel said...

btw... my Word verification was: urock

Rosie said...

maybe for your birthday we can arrange to have your face clawed at!! lol and haha about the word verification Ive had funny ones also. :)

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