Tuesday, August 9, 2011

cucumbers & tumbling hair

So tonight, while getting the cucumber outta the fridge hoping it wasnt frozen again! And for once a cucumber not frozen....... so as I peeled it over the trash I ended up dropping it in!! My husband was like we just put the trash bag in though... as he reaches in to get it I reminded him of the poopy pull-up I just changed. I thought he would have stopped in his tracks after those 3 little words, but he got it out and replied it was on the other side. And proceeded to rinse it off in the sink.Yeah I bet you will never enjoy a cucumber again. (either will I!) lol

Then as I sit down for dinner on my white tile I think I see a daddy long leg making his way through the kitchen... but no as I look closer its just hair (prob mine) tumbling through like in the old wild west movie's... lol And If you only knew what other random thing's went through my head... and this was only in one hour! I am not even going to mention my husband wearing my leopard print jammies.... again... !!!


Shel said...

no words can describe how much i love you rosie!! rofl <3

Rosie said...

I got alot of time on my hands don't I? lol

Trish said...

You slay me! I will never look at a cucumber the same again!

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